Chipotle Is Creating A Satirical Sitcom About an Evil Fast Food Company

Chipotle Is Creating A Satirical Sitcom For Hulu Called “Farmed and Dangerous”
Would you like a side of comedy with that?

In today’s business news, one very large company’s latest marketing ploy is to create a sitcom about a different very large company’s marketing ploys—except that company is EVIL!

Chipotle has produced a 22-minute, four-episode sitcom, “Farmed and Dangerous,” which will premiere on Hulu on Feb 17. What is this sitcom about, you ask? Strangely, it does not address the struggle of paying an extra $2 for the God-given right of guacamole, nor gross bean juice leaking out of the bottom of your burrito and all over your fucking hands. Instead, it focuses on Animoil, a mean, nasty agrobusiness struggling to maintain their flailing image with the launch of a new petroleum-based cow feed called PetroPellet. Spoiler alert: the cows explode.

So far, the show has garnered iffy reviews, thanks in large part to the obvious awkwardness of sitting through what is essentially a lecture on how Chipotle is the opposite of everything wrong in the world. By making the alternative (all other fast food restaurants) into a laughing stock, Chipotle gets to be the anti–Animoil, and the answer to all of our food-related issues without having to provide the specifics.

And then there is the other question: Is this what television is going to be like in the future? Are we forever surrendering our programming and editorial decisions to these guacamole thieves? Why do I suddenly want Chipotle right now more than I have ever wanted anything ever? It’s happening AHHH!!!


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