Photos: Brooklyn’s Newest Ice Rink Is Life Itself

This person deserves a beer.

Brooklyn got a bunch of new skating rinks this season, but none quite as expansive nor thrilling at its latest: the sheet of ice that’s currently on every sidewalk, street and tree. And unlike the rinks at Lakeside or McCarren Park, you don’t even need to wear skates! And it’s free! Except this time, it’s slightly less adorable when you fall down.

So yes, these past few days may have wrought the most horrific commutes of your life, and maybe you ruined a few hundred dollars worth of shoes and suffered a minor concussion, but doesn’t looking at beautiful pictures of glistening ice make it all worth it? No? Okay, well, here they are anyway: the best icy Instagrams from this morning, guaranteed to solve all your weather-related psychological trauma.


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