Bushwick Fashion Weekend Kicks Off Tomorrow

Image via Bushwick Fashion Weekend

If you have any friends who work in fashion, don’t expect to hear much from them starting tomorrow. February 6 marks the official start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and until the next Thursday the fashion world will think and speak of nothing else. Still, the vast majority of us will not be invited to any of the shows so it’s only fitting that someone has come up with a more inclusive way to celebrate the kickoff of fashion’s most important week.

Tomorrow from 7 to 11 p.m., The Living Gallery (1094 Broadway nr. Dekalb Ave.) will host the Third Annual Bushwick Fashion Weekend. The whole thing is being organized by gallery owner Nyssa Frank, previously of Dash Gallery, and will feature a variety of Brooklyn vendors eager to put their handcrafted work on display. Instead of a runway, models (may of whom will be the designers themselves) will strut in the street.

“I love fashion, but never really felt comfortable in that world,” Frank tells DNAinfo. “It all has so much to do with money and wealth. Here, it’s not about money. Everyone’s celebrating each other. People feel open.”

If you can’t make it to the hyperlocal Bushwick Fashion Weekend, there will be a full-scale Brooklyn Fashion Week from March 13-16.

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