Record Breaking Home Sales Happening in Windsor Terrace, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

Image via CORE
Image via CORE

Just a couple new additions to the steady drumbeat of “stuff getting more expensive” news: both Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and Windsor Terrace saw record high home sales this week, both in the couple-million-dollars range.

Over in Windsor Terrace, a house at 107 Terrace Place sold for $1,980,000 (beating out the previous neighborhood record of $1,900,000), prompting the Daily News to wonder, inevitably, if the neighborhood is becoming “the next Park Slope” (like we said, every neighborhood has to be the “next” something). Over in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a place sold for a record-breaking $1.85 million (it has an extra garage you see).

So, that’s that. A lot of people with a lot of money buying nice things. Anyone have any interesting leads on the cheapest home sales in the borough?

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