Vogue’s Take on Greenpoint Is… Not That Embarrassing

Cafe Grumpy is "a real place," we now know.
Cafe Grumpy is “a real place,” we now know.

As we knew it would, Vogue‘s Girls-inspired guide to Greenpoint dropped (haha) online last night. And, as happened the last time the magazine decided to devote some editorial space to Brooklyn, the results are a lot less silly than we had any reason to expect.

Rather than, say, dressing up models in traditional Polish garb or using the space as an endorsement for the much-hated, condo-friendly Greenpoint Landing development, the website gives deserved attention to local favorites like Luksus, Five Leaves, Achilles Heel, Peter Pan Donuts, and Fox and Fawn. Sure, there are some clunkers about Cafe Grumpy being “a real place” and Banksy’s stop in the neighborhood as a mark of its burgeoning hip factor. And granted, they didn’t give a nod to most of our favorite BYOB restaurants or dive bars, but then, no one really expected (or wanted) them to. Call it an exercise in lowered expectations, but if a luxury-goods magazine feels like giving a boost to a few (appropriately fancy) local businesses, it’s actually a pretty nice thing. So, between this and their tastefully edited, lovely photos of Lena Dunham, maybe, for the first time in our lives, we can start giving Vogue the benefit of the doubt? Or maybe they’re still on notice for that Hurricane Sandy photo shoot. You win some, you lose some.

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