(Please Don’t) Put an Egg on It: Our Favorite Ovum-Free Breakfasts


There’s really very little we won’t willingly eat; which is pretty convenient when it comes to being a food writer. But there are a few rather uncool aversions (mayonnaise, soda, bubblegum) that have been plaguing us since childhood, and one more that’s proving to be even more unacceptable as an adult — a growing apathy towards (yes, we admit it!) eggs. It’s a stance that puts us at increasing odds with the greater food world, where runny-yolked ovum are gleefully slapped over everything from pizzas and pastas to hamburgers and stew. And it’s not even that we actively dislike them (we’re actually suckers for deviled eggs, which also calls into question our general distaste for mayonnaise). It’s just that we don’t happen to agree that every dish is improved by their presence (same goes for you, bacon), and more often than not, we reject our husband’s weekend offer of boiled, fried or scrambled for that bowl of leftover curried cauliflower in the fridge.

Which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, blessedly egg-free breakfasts, yet another culinary benefit to living in such an ethnically diverse borough.


  1. These all sound wonderful, especially since I’m allergic to eggs and find even the smell of cooking eggs off-putting. I usually just eat cold cereal at home and don’t get many savory alternatives when I go out, so this will improve my weekend mornings!

  2. I liked the post but was irritated by the misuse of the word ovum. It is singular. The plural is ova. The misuse drove me crazy. I am now crazy.


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