Hey, Ever Heard Of This Thing Called A Beard?

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Love ya, Al.

Nothing much going on, just an inevitable update from the New York Times Thursday Styles on the “Brooklyn Beard Going Mainstream.” No need to get too deep into it, just gonna leave a couple things right here:

“The gasps were audible when Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, strolled to the briefing room podium last Monday sporting the unthinkable, at least by Washington standards: a beard.

Within minutes, Mr. Carney’s Bushwick-inflected fashion statement prompted barbs on Twitter. “Jay Carney rocks lumberjack-chic at the year’s first press conference,” read one typical tweet, from the news site NowThis News.


But perhaps there are limits to the degree of chin bristles that mainstream America will tolerate. When Matt Lauer and Al Roker of NBC’s “Today” show sprouted beards for November as part of a No-Shave Today”campaign to support men’s health charities, Twitter was ablaze with hobo jokes. “I think if I saw either Al Roker or Matt Lauer on the corner, I would give him a quarter,” a user with the handle @PeterJOrvetti joked.

“We didn’t just do this to look terrible, we did this to raise money,” Mr. Lauer explained on the show.”

“We didn’t just do this to look terrible,” hmm? Well, every generation (and style section presumably) gets the rallying cry it deserve.s

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