The Meat Cone from Hops & Hocks

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Owing to the ascendency of gourmet trucks, fast/casual single-concept spots and Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s grab-and-go food scene has evolved way beyond shriveled dirty water dogs and grey-tinged knishes. And now, a new Bushwick hangout called Hops & Hocks will further redefine the borough’s perception of street meat. Because while there’s still something so innately NYC about greasy slabs of chicken or beef slapped on sticks and doled out to inebriated passerby at 1 in the morning, the more genteel neighborhood drunk is bound to prefer the Meat Cone; a jaunty funnel of salty, protein-centric snacks specially geared towards the transient carnivore.  

Stinky Bklyn’s Patrick Wilson and Michelle Pravda are the brains behind the bar, and they definitely know how to curate their charcuterie. For only $8, customers can choose from over 100 potential cone-fillers, like mortadella, sweet sopressata, finocchiona (salami with fennel seeds), or slabs of imported jamon serrano, accompanied by crunchy crostini and bite-sized cornichons.

Hops & Hocks is even sweetening the deal by offering 10% off of the purchase of mason jars or growlers of beer (there are 20 on tap), like Evil Twin’s The Cowboy or Desolation Ale from Barrier Brewing Co. But until de Blasio does something about that pesky open container law, you’re just going to have to content yourself with eating adorably packaged twists of sustainably-sourced meat on the street, and recommencing binge drinking once you get home.

2 Morgan Ave., (718) 456-4677


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