Snowy Street Style: What Brooklyn Wore On the Coldest Day

Moments after Bill De Blasio finished shoveling outside of his Park Slope home this morning (take that, Bloomberg), one of the TV reporters who just happened to have been there asked him why he wasn’t wearing a hat. It was a perfectly reasonable question. It was fucking freezing. His response was far less reasonable, but perfectly honest and relatable—even more relatable than the fact that he was shoveling snow at all: “Sometimes my vanity gets the best of me.”

Dressing for the cold and snow without looking like a nerdy, bloated child or a nerdy, bloated old person is a challenge not everyone is able to overcome. And while we admire De Blasio’s decision to just say fuck it and risk frostbite, we also had a hunch that some of you might be faring a bit better, so we asked photographer Austin McAllister (sorry, Austin) to get out there and see what everyone was wearing.



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