Lefferts Gardens Woman Is Circulating Brutal Flyers About Her Ex

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Because there aren’t a lot of better ways to spend one’s time than lurking on strangers’ relationship drama: according to Reddit, a woman has been circulating the above flyers in Lefferts Gardens issuing strong, extremely specific warnings not to date an unnamed bald man (pictured). She does not mince words.

The full text of the flyer:

When you see this man RUN!!! 

All he does is pimp himself. He will take your money and pussy and run. All he does is lie to woman. He’s a womanizer, liar, a walking disease, selfish, cheap, and all about him. You won’t be able to change him no matter what. He will never change. Once a cheat in dog always a cheater. He sleeps with 3 women at the same time. A cougar ugly bitch in his building, one on church ave, and me. Im been with him almost 10 years, he poison, toxic and disgusting he won’t give you shit only a STD.

He may be cute but trust ladies he’s evil and battling demons.

He doesn’t believe in reality he only believes the evilness that comes out his head. He lives in a fantasy world and will act like your cheating and your not. Its really him fucking cheatin

Thank you, Ladies yours truly hes x-grilfriend!!!!

Sounds… like these two are better off apart. Though, an interesting counterpoint: one commenter on the site claims to have seen a similar-looking man posting these around 5th ave., which either means the ex-girlfriend in question has enlisted help (and has a definite type), or that this is all just a  large-scale self-promotional humble brag about some guy’s supposed sexual prowess (“3 women at the same time,” lest we forget). Both are interesting possibilities.

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