Where to Spend New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn


Grindhaus: An eight-course tasting menu for $65 per person? On inflation-happy New Year’s Eve, it just doesn’t get any cheaper than that. And although this just-opened Red Hook spot originally planned to specialize in sausages, their holiday spread sounds unapologetically veggie-focused, including maitake mushrooms with rice, egg yolk and brown butter, cabbage with tofu, peanuts and chili, and even some straight up rabbit food; ie. a dish of carrots, nasturtium and Timothy hay. Consider it an early start on your resolution to eat more healthfully in the new year.

275 Van Brunt St., (718) 909-2881




  1. “Who says French restaurants can’t do vegan?! Well, my friend Peter, a hardcore French chef, for one… But not Three Letters in Brooklyn! Located in Clinton Hill, Three Letters is not a vegan restaurant but they have pretty awesome-sounding vegan options. Their chef, Pip, emailed us to let us know that in addition to an omni tasting menu this New Year’s Eve, they are having an all-vegan tasting menu! The theme is “French takes on southern American traditions.” It sounds OUT OF SIGHT!” http://vegansaurus.com/post/70207327464


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