$6,500 A Month Will Get You An Apartment That’s… Just Okay

Photos via Craigslist
Photos via Craigslist

Just as we’re feeling at our most holiday-cash-strapped, Sheepshead Bites has popped up with a welcome reminder that even if we did have a ton of money, our apartments wouldn’t necessarily be that much nicer than they are right now. Witness, the above photos of a penthouse at Brighton Beach’s Oceana Condominium & Club being advertised at $6,500 per month.

Granted, the place has a deck overlooking the ocean and comes with a parking space, pool and gym access, and has a huge living room with beautiful natural light, but then, that kitchen?  Looks exactly like some version of the same horrible linoleum kitchen everyone tries to navigate in their first apartment. (If pressed, we could probably think of some fancier things to do with a bathroom that costs that much money, too). Anyway, a nice seasonal reminder to be satisfied with what you have, or quietly smug about how other people choose to blow their money.

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