Sponsored Video: Konica Minolta’s Dream Printer Brings Dreams to Life

Do you ever feel like you’ve forgotten where your dreams went? Not to be a downer or anything, but this recession is tough, and you probably wish you could trade up your current job for something a little more fun as you sit there wondering whether you care more about making rent or making happy hour tonight, because you definitely can’t afford both. But it wasn’t always this way! Remember when you were a kid, and had faith in the future and believed in yourself? Remember the days when you would confidently and fearlessly tell judgmental aunts and uncles at Thanksgiving that yes, you would be an astronaut slash fashion designer slash basket-weaver when you grew up? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could give that to the kids in our lives today? After all, it’s safe to assume they have something a little better in store for them than this generation did.

The childhood days of getting a pat on a back just for having dreams at all are over, but maybe the way to bring that attitude back for ourselves is to share it with today’s young people. Enter this Konica Minolta clip of a bunch of smiling kids and a magical dream printer that encourages them to aim high. Yes, it’s exactly as adorable as it sounds. Konica Minolta put this together because, well, they still want our long-abandoned dreams to come true, even if we’ve forgotten about them. Or maybe they just created it because those kids’ smiles are pretty much priceless. If that doesn’t cheer up you up, well, soon it will be happy hour, so at least you have that.

This post is sponsored by Konica Minolta.


  1. As the artist inside the box drawing the kids here, I’ll add that it was one of my more unusual and enjoyable jobs. The kids had a ball and I enjoyed bantering with them as the Dream Printer. Heard some fun reactions from them too from inside my little “doghouse.” Always a kick to bring that out of people, and especially kids.



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