Sponsored: Keep it tight with TGT Wallets this Winter!

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Whether you’re a man or a woman in this borough, odds are your pants are too tight. Or, well, one of you older relatives has probably told you your pants are too tight. But we like our pants that way! And we want to be free to wear those pants without walking around like there’s an awkward, tumorous bulge flapping along in our back pockets because of a bulky wallet. But just having loose cash jingling around in there isn’t an option either, you need something that keeps things together, without stretching out all the fabric on your favorite pair of jeans.

The perfect gift for yourself or any other stovepipe-legged Brooklynite is to purchase a TGT wallet. The sleek design keeps your money, Metrocard, credit cards, and IDs together in one compact pouch.

There are also plenty of options for stocking stuffers this holiday season too. Need a little extra room? Check out the new Deluxe wallets with a double pocket in a full array of colors.

deluxe_nightcall_3 (1)

More of a vintage-lover? TGT’s new “The Doctor” wallet has a classic retro feel and go-
with-anything color scheme.

doctor_1565c75b-e3fb-4ef7-b624-c13d0ea40e3b (1)

And if winter ignites in you visions of Dr. Zhivago, try TGT’s new fur line, just as good at keeping you organized as it is at keeping your back pocket warm! In addition to classic leopard and cheetah prints, take a cue from your holiday party attire and go with something a little more glitzy like the design below:

painted_on_hair_on (1)

Want to see the full lineup of products? Make sure to follow TGT on instagram @keepitTGT and keep it tight this holiday season!


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