Sponsored: Visit Grumpy Bert to Buy Gifts for the Grumps in Your Life

Why do you think Grumpy Cat has a book deal? Why did Kanye West just sell out Barclay’s? Or why is Adam Driver’s character so popular on Girls? For that matter, why does so much of the action on Girls happen at a place called “Grumpy’s”? Simple. It’s because being cantankerous is suddenly en vogue. And as the season that gave us the Grinch is upon us once again, all the Cindy Lou Whos of Brooklyn need to find great gifts for all the grinches on their list. Rest easy, Cindy. Boerum Hill’s Grumpy Bert’s has got you covered.

Fill up your Christmas stockings with grumpy gnome dolls and googly-eyed cat sweaters. Pour some Christmas eggnog into an adorable bear mug, or pour dunk some of Santa’s cookies into this tea set. Does your Christmas tree need an artsy makeover? Pick up some great plush ornaments (because having a ninja on the tree is way more badass than a star). And don’t even worry about decking the halls. You can pick up great affordable print and wall art, like these knitted monster trophies.


And for that aspiring writer in your life (which, in this borough, is everyone) make sure to sign them up for “Lost Lit,” an 8-week writing workshop, that’s held inside the belly of Grumpy Bert’s. It’s open to writers of all experience levels. Every Wednesday, your future-Norman Mailer can find himself through writing, using the Amherst Writers & Artists method, with positive, craft-oriented feedback.

Need more convincing? Check out the video below for an up close look at all of the gift ideas you can pick up at Grumpy Bert’s this holiday!


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