Carbo-Load for the Marathon with 10 of Brooklyn’s Best Pasta Dishes


I met a friend for dinner the other night, and as I studied the drink menu, trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to start with wine or whiskey, he mentioned that he couldn’t drink at all because he was running the marathon this Sunday.

“You can’t drink?” I asked. “Isn’t running bad enough as it is?”

But as it turns out, no! Running is not bad enough as it is. But even though training for a marathon precludes doing basic life-sustaining activities like drinking alcohol, it does at least allow you to indulge in some gustatory pleasures, like carbo-loading. And while there are many ways to enjoy carbs (bread, potatoes, and rice all come to mind), one of the best ways is by eating pasta, lots and lots of pasta. And so even if you aren’t running the marathon this Sunday, you should still feel free to enjoy Brooklyn’s bountiful pasta options. Because maybe someday you will run a marathon. So you can think of this weekend’s carbo-loading as training for that. Maybe? Ahh…who needs an excuse, really? Just eat up!


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