MTA Offering Free Rides on the A and R Lines In Remembrance of Hurricane Sandy

Yeah, this was pretty bad.
Yeah, this was pretty bad.

Wow. So maybe the MTA isn’t totally stingy and money-grubbing? Maybe!

The MTA tweeted today that they will be suspending fares all day on Tuesday for riders of the A train in the Rockaways and Howard Beach and all R train riders in Brooklyn. Which means that for one day, we can all be mildly jealous of our co-workers coming from Bay Ridge. (Very mildly.) There aren’t any other details available on the MTA twitter or the MTA website as to how this will actually play out, but it seems like the MTA is doing a good and generous thing for those subway riders who—a year later—continue to be affected by the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. No news on how this gift will affect people with unlimited cards, but hopefully they’ll get to benefit too. So, thanks, MTA! Please continue with this spirit of generosity the next time you’re considering fare hikes. Please. We beg you.

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