“Speakeasy” Apartments Are Coming to Bushwick Soon

Via Colony1209

As if you needed another reason to roll your eyes at a new Brooklyn development, a new luxury rental building named Colony 1209 is landing in Bushwick soon, “Brooklyn’s new frontier.” And it has a “Speakeasy” lounge!

David Maundrell, president of Aptsandlofts.com, dished to DNAInfo that the complex will have a “landscaped courtyard, furnished roof deck, billiard lounge and fitness center.” The development sits directly across the street from Bushwick Leaders High School near the Central Ave. M Train. Studio’s start at $1,775/month.

What the development also has is the aforementioned “Speakeasy” style lounge, replete with a “vintage” pinball arcade and shuffleboard. The lounge also boasts rehearsal studios for musicians, but there’s no word if a mustachioed bootlegger will be on deck to “slip” you his Moen bathtubbed moonshine.

I don’t know. A giant live-work-play space is a great idea. It reminds me of a squat. Crust punks who like to party and make music, put on shows. But those squats on Avenue C turned from abandoned spaces to homes when those crusts were threatened to leave unless they got the building up to code. This building, to me, seems like a Hot Topic for housing that’s spun way, way out of control; a kind of “live like a real Brooklyn artist for $1,750/month” deal. Cool it, dudes. I don’t think you’re going to be any more “Brooklyn” than the guy who lives in a crumbling apartment two blocks away from the Morgan stop.



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