Did a Congressman Have Sex in a Brooklyn Bar Bathroom?

michael grimm congressman
Staten Island Advance

A Republican congressman spent the Friday before the government shutdown drinking and behaving boorishly at a constituent bar in Brooklyn, two witnesses told us—including disappearing into a restroom with a woman for at least 15 minutes. Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, spent the evening at the Bay Ridge bar with two couples and a woman in whose back pocket he repeatedly placed his hand, and whose ass he slapped more than once, the witnesses said. He drank wine and insisted each drink be served in a fresh glass.

The three couples also each slipped in turn into the bar’s only restroom, including the congressman and his female companion, who stayed in there together for “a long fucking time,” one witness said—15 minutes or more, so long that people at the bar were talking about it. “I was surprised someone so sleazy could be a congressman,” one witness said.

The congressman’s press representative did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Grimm is single; he wedded Susan Kim in 1994, but the brief marriage was annulled.

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  1. Who. F***ing. Cares. If Henry Stewart and other sneering Brooklynites didn’t so enjoy bashing Republicans, this wouldn’t even be worthy of mentioning. The hypocrisy displayed when it comes to the sexual habits of politicians is mind-bending.

    Yes, it’s in poor taste to take up a bar’s only bathroom for 15 minutes while you have awkward, unhygienic bathroom sex. But OMG HE DRANK WINE AND SLAPPED HER ASS, TOO? Write about something important, you hack.

    • Andy,
      It’s funny. I would actually prefer that my Congressman not have sex in the bathroom of the wine bar in my neighborhood. Is this really too much too ask for? By the way, we “sneering Brooklynites” also mind when our Democratic Congressmen behave inappropriately. You see, we actually think our elected political leaders should behave responsibly. That’s why Weiner garnered 5 or 6 % of the vote in the mayoral race. Whereas those god fearing, gun-toting Republicans down South chose to elect “I’m hiking the Appalachian Trail” Mark Sanford!

  2. Based on the fact that a firefighter wasn’t punching a cop while this was happening, I think we can rule out the Salty Dog.

    • Haha. Supposedly it was the more out-of-the-way Owl’s Head. But Grimm is a creep anyway and apparently a careless one at that. Probably thought no one would recognize him there. Sounds like his so-called friends are also into “restroom sex.” Geez, get a room.

  3. Sadly, in today’s day and age, being a male heterosexual is news worthy. But I agree with Andy, Henry should be driving a taxi, like every other hack!

  4. It would not surprise me the least if the comment made by “Andy” is none other than Andy Sullivan, Tea Bagger extraordinaire, R candidate for CD47. And he was cross dressing for his pal Mikey Suits. But I kid…

  5. Regarding a congressman in the bathroom business. Frankly i think you guys need some help, or perhaps more of a regular love life because when you say that 15 min is a long time I question your love life!

  6. The real issue here is, what kind of a self-serving douche hole ties up the only bathroom in a bar for FIFTEEN MINUTES??!!!

  7. Two things: a) What’s this got to do with his job? b) If the sleaziness of a Congressmen’s personal life shocks you, you have a stunningly poor grasp of history. Congressmen are people, as prone to sleaze as anyone else who’s idea of good time is hanging out in bars and testing their moral fiber against alcohol.


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