Course Horse Is Now Free Classes To Displaced 3rd Ward Students



One bright spot to come out of 3rd Ward’s abrupt closure: a lot of Brooklyn businesses have been stepping up to help out members who were left in the lurch by the company’s shady “no refunds” announcement. Course Horse reached out today to let us know that they’ll be offering free classes to former 3rd Ward students.

“We’ve had hundreds of students sign up for 3rd Ward classes in recent weeks,” co-founder Katie Kapler said via email. “With that in mind: we’ve decided to issue a 100% credit to 3rd Ward students who have booked through CourseHorse and/or Brooklyn Classes. This can used on over 35,000 classes in the city and we hope will allow them to continue to learn and explore new/old passions.” Anyone interested in claiming their free credit can reach out to

Elsewhere, Brooklyn Central is offering a 25% discount to the Bushwick institution’s former members, and the Yard is offering a 20% discount to 3rd Ward denizens in search of a new workspace. It’d still be ideal if people who paid good money for classes or a place to work actually got their money back, but it’s nice to know that at least someone has their backs.

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