While Banksy Grabs All of New York’s Attention, Hanksy Quietly Blows Him Out of the Water

Image via Hanksy
Image via Hanksy

Banksy’s much-hyped return to New York may have been so popular and well-publicized that the work has already been defaced, but this week also marked pun artist Hanksy’s triumphant return to the streets of New York (hat tip to Videogum for alerting us) with what may be his single greatest achievement yet: Gandalfini.

It’s listed vaguely on Hanksy’s Tumblr as located in “NYC,” (along with the caption “One bada-bing to rule them all”), though Bowery Boogie reports that this comforting specter is located on Orchard and Grand. Now granted, I’ve always been more of a Hanksy fan in general (visual puns > pictures of balloons), but even objectively “Gandalfini” feels like a fairly seminal achievement. By swapping out a single vowel from Gandolfini’s name, Hanksy has managed to create a spooky, mesmerizing amalgamation of two of the 21st century’s very favorite father figures. Also, it is a very good joke and we wish we’d thought of it. Excellent work as usual. Never change.

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  1. “HEY! Forget about Bansky! He’s such an old hat, can’t keep up with the NEWEST fashions! He can’t keep up with the HIPPEST ideas. You know what the world needs? More pop culture groveling! This isn’t a shallow point of view at all! I am the Arbiter of Taste – all hail the Great God Pan!”

  2. C’mon man, this guy is way better than Banksy. Banksy probably hasn’t even seen the Wire yet.

    You have wheatpaste envy.

    If you don’t like pop culture, you don’t like America, and you should probably leave.

    And you can KEEP your Obamacare.

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