Complete Beer Course Author Offers Alternatives to the Best Beers Not Available in NYC


It’s hard to think of too many people who have better jobs than Joshua M. Bernstein, a Brooklyn-based writer who makes his living writing about beer for publications like the New York Times, Details, Time Out New York,, Wired, and many others. His first book, Brewed Awakening, was a thorough exploration of the craft beer explosion in America and around the world, and he’s just released its follow-up, The Complete Beer Course. As its title suggests, it is remarkably comprehensive, offering everything from accurate yet plainspoken descriptions of countless beer styles to advice on aging beer and pairing it with food. If Garrett Oliver’s Oxford Companion to Beer was the first must-own book on the topic of beer, then this is without question the second.

And speaking of ol’ Garrett Oliver, he’s opening the doors to his Brooklyn Brewery tonight to host a release party for The Complete Beer Course. $30 will get you an open bar (10 draft lines plus big bottles) and a signed copy of the book, but only if you bought your ticket in advance; the event is, unsurprisingly, sold out.

We recently provided Bernstein with a list of renowned beers that are not available in New York City and asked him to provide a worthy stand-in for each. Here’s how that turned out…


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