Report: No One Who Attended the VMAs Wanted to Party in Brooklyn


A sad cap-off to the least Brooklyn-related major event to ever actually take place in Brooklyn (and heavily publicize itself as such): the New York Times reports today that not only did none of the famous people at last weekend’s Video Music Awards seem to want anything to do with the borough (hence that so few of them were in attendance to begin with), but as soon as the actual awards were over, they all actually “fled back to Manhattan” for the after parties. Fled!

If we’re looking to add insult to injury, the paper of record also managed to score an interview with former Jersey Shore cast-member Ron Ron at the Finale nightclub on the Bowery, who called the event at the Barclays Center “like L.A. in the East Coast,” adding, “It was great to be back on our territory.” Yeeowch.

But, I guess there could be worse insults. As silly and expensive as a lot of Brooklyn nightlife has gotten, if your goal for the night is really to cram yourself into 1OAK next to Robin Thicke, or, like Jay Z and Beyonce, get into the middle of a J. Cole versus P. Diddy fight at the Dream Hotel, there really isn’t an especially compelling Brooklyn equivalent. One might argue that’s a significant part of its appeal. But, regardless, Brooklyn got snubbed, and the New York Times doesn’t care who knows it. Best to just forget the whole weekend ever happened.

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