The “Secret” Bushwick Jay Z and Beyonce Show This Weekend Never Actually Happened

Jay Z was not here.

  • Image via Google Street View
  • Jay Z was not here.

Well, in retrospect, of course they wouldn’t just show up on a whim in Bushwick, when they didn’t even bother to make an appearance at the Brooklyn VMA’s (which, why didn’t they?). But for a brief, hopeful time this Saturday, a lot of people (encouraged by Twitter and a few real media outlets) truly thought that Jay Z, Beyonce, and maybe even Justin Timberlake all had plans to play a secret show at Bushwick Collective on 421 Troutman St.

Needless to say, they didn’t, and the whole thing turned out to be arguably the biggest useless hoax the neighborhood’s seen since the whole “Kanye West is filming at Mellow Pages” fake-out this past June.

Revolt TV, which had helped spread the news, retracted their tweet about the show early Saturday afternoon, but not before the streets got so crowded that police had to block them off (and Instagram and Twitter were flooded with angry coverage of the whole thing). Not sure if there’s a real moral to this story other than neighborhood bars getting a lot more business than usual on a Saturday afternoon, and the fact that someone really seems to like making people in Bushwick line up for rap shows that will never actually happen. Uh, good one?

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