Are Dick Pics Art? One Bushwick Gallery Seems to Think So


  • Sarah Jacobs c/o Vice

So dick pics are everywhere. Thanks to Carlos Danger, and before him, Brett Favre, and before him…countless other men, dick pics are a major topic of conversation for, like, grandmothers even. But are they art? One Bushwick gallery certainly seems to think so.

Vice reports that on August 23 at the Morgan Underground Studios, an artist collective known as Future Femme will be staging an exhibit titled “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix,” in an effort “to turn the tables on this mind-boggling male habit.” Yeah, it’s pretty mind-boggling that men might love their own dicks so much that they would use any means available to show anyone and everyone their junk. Oh, wait. That’s not surprising at all.

Vice reports that the “project started as a conversation about receiving cellphone pictures of penises” after one member of the collective received an unsolicited dick pic from an old off-and-on flame. And thus an art exhibition was born. The four, anonymous collective members started gathering dick pics—not always telling the men attached to said dicks what the pics would be used for—and soon had a collection that includes “photos of dicks covered in cum and dicks sprinkled with marijuana and ready to be rolled up like joints…dicks so big that the girls were sure they were fake and dicks placed next to items like shaving cream cans for scale…even been some flaccid dicks, which seems like the laziest thing anyone has ever done.” So many dicks! It seems like a dick-themed Seussian extravaganza…like Green Eggs and Ham if the eggs were balls and the ham was a dick.

But what if you, the art lover, are not so into dicks? Well, never fear, because each of the artists will be “mounting their work alongside a photo of her own genitals.” So, something for everyone. Well, maybe not for everyone. Maybe not for people who value privacy and consent and were unaware that their dick pics would be used in a gallery show. For those people, Vice reports, “if your dick appears in the show and you were misled about the solicitor’s true identity you have a chance at legal retribution.” Although, really, it seems doubtful that many men would sue. After all, their faces don’t appear in the photos, and the kind of guy who sends a dick pic is usually the kind of guy who is really into his dick aka every guy ever. So, yeah. Go check out some dicks in Bushwick. Dick pics are totally part of 2013’s zeitgeist. Embrace it.

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