10 Humble Brooklyn Landmarks That We Irrationally Love


After learning earlier this week that the Coney Island Aquarium bridge had been torn down, we couldn’t help but feel a little melancholic. After all, we had used that bridge. We had walked over it many times over the course of our lives, appreciating not having to go down to the street level to get from the subway to the aquarium and boardwalk and beach. Was the bridge ugly? Sure. Was it unsafe? Apparently. That’s the main reason it was dismantled. But did we still love it? Well, yes. We did. We loved it because we are irrationally sentimental about things that represent Brooklyn to us. Beautiful, iconic structures like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Williamsburgh Savings Bank mean “Brooklyn” to everyone, even if those people who have never visited and only have seen pictures. Would we be devastated if the beautiful things were to suddenly disappear? Of course. But for some reason, we take the little losses more personally. And so, we wanted to commemorate our favorite humble Brooklyn landmarks before they all get taken away from us too.


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