Those Rumors You Hear About Ice Cream Trucks That Sell Drugs Are True

Get it? SNOW??

  • Get it? SNOW??

Naively, maybe (or because I don’t look cool enough for them to ever offer?) I’d always sort of assumed that the whole thing about ice cream trucks that also peddle drugs was the stuff of urban legends. Not so. According to the Post (and an article totally lacking in any “candy man” jokes, no less), the NYPD busted a Bay Ridge ice cream man for selling cocaine and Oxycodone out of his truck. The sting, incredibly, was called “Operation Snowcone.”

“Our undercover officer was doing an investigation and he struck up a conversation with the defendant in the deli,” a spokesperson for the D.A.’s office told the paper. “The defendant told him, ‘I can get you narcotics.’ They exchanged phone numbers and set up a buy.”

Notably, the suspect also tried to short the officers on the deal—they had arranged to pay $825 for 15 grams of cocaine, and were given only 13. Which isn’t the biggest crime here, but, not exactly impressive, either. But anyway, here we are. In a world where we all have to be just a little more suspicious of men in ice cream trucks (or men from Bay Ridge, har har), but can spend a few minutes tittering about the D.A.’s office earnestly labeling anything “Operation Snowcone.”

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