The Most Beautiful Photographs of Prospect Park You’ve Ever Seen

Prospect Park David P. Colley book

Last week, Princeton Architectural Press released David P. Colley’s Prospect Park, a coffee-table-ish monograph that traces the park’s history from conception through decline and restoration into the present. It’s the first major book about the park in quite a while, perhaps even since the Long Island University Press published Clay Lancaster’s seminal Prospect Park Handbook (with an introduction by Marianne Moore!) in 1972. This is certainly a handsomer book than that black-and-white paperback: hardcover, slightly larger than a sheet of looseleaf, and packed with professional color photographs. The pictures, by the author’s wife Elizabeth Keegin Colley, are as equal a draw as Mr. Colley’s in-depth research and easy prose, helping make the book “destined to become the Brooklyn house gift of the year,” per promotional materials. We picked 10 of our favorite photos and present them here for you.



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