Vive la France!: How to Celebrate Bastille Day the Trés Brooklyn Way



Has it already been a year since the advent of the much-mocked (and deservedly so) phrase “trés Brooklyn?” It has! This year has flown right by, hasn’t it? Time just marches on relentlessly, leaving New York Times-endorsed “trends” in its wake, doesn’t it? Yes. It does. But even though “trés Brooklyn” might not be something that anyone says anymore (if they ever did in the first place), not all New York-French hybrids need to be dismissed out of hand. Which, of course, you already knew that, didn’t you? You’re no fool. And because you’re no fool, you’re probably already thinking of good ways to celebrate Bastille Day this Sunday, right here in Brooklyn. Only a fool would forgo the chance to celebrate France and all the wonderful things the French culture has given us. So don’t be a fool. Here’s how to best embrace your inner Francophile this weekend.


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