10 of the Best Bar Snacks In Brooklyn for $6 or Less


Do we really need to explain why this is crucial? Whether you’re knocking back beers, “savoring” an elaborate cocktail, or just enjoying free ice water and air conditioning while you hang out with your friends, every part of every bar experience is made better by the presence of snacks. Cheap ones.

And really, price is key here. An illustrative story: the other weekend, I was at a (to remain nameless) bar in South Williamsburg, and around 1am, they quietly fired up a grill, filled the backyard and the noses of a bunch of drunk people with barbecue smell, and started charging $15 a plate. It was despicable. Rightly, no one took the bait. If you’re going to pay that much money, you should go to a restaurant, and at least enjoy the feeling of being waited upon by another human. If you wanna sit at the bar, soaking up your drinks with a greasy snack? You should be able to do so for $6 or less. There are a lot of excellent places to do that in Brooklyn, sure, but here are 10 of the very best.


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