Brooklyn May Be Soon Overrun With Abandoned Chickens


Well, it may be. Either that or things will continue on exactly as they have been. Per a new NBC report, animal shelters and public spaces alike are experiencing an influx of new chickens thanks to the recent popularity of urban farming, with birds being booted out of their homes “when hipsters can’t cope” or when they stop laying eggs. “It’s the stupid foodies,” one person told reports. “We’re just sick to death of it.”

Which does sound terrible, if a little baby-alligators-in-the-sewer-vibing. And also may not really be true? Gothamist talked to Sean Casey—whose Windsor Terrace animal shelter would theoretically be at the very epicenter of flaky, entitled urban farmers?—and it doesn’t sound like they’ve been having much of a chicken problem of late.

“People in the city not only want them, but you can usually have them,” he told the site, noting that while there are always some abandoned chickens to contend with, their status as an on-trend pet has actually made it easier to find them adoptive homes in recent years. “A few years ago, if you set up a coop, someone would call the Health Department.”

He did add, though, that when people do abandon their chickens, they often don’t bother taking them to shelters at all, instead releasing them back into the wilds of Prospect Park or the Greenwood Cemetery. Which is funny to picture, but still a despicable thing to do. Don’t do that! Maybe just take this opportunity to adopt a nice, permanent pet (Edna the cat looks nice)? Or just get a few jokes about “crying fowl” out of your system and go back to the rest of your day.

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