Brooklyn Finally Has Its Own Cronut Knock-Off


Assuming you’re not tired of hearing about an over-hyped portmanteau dessert? Or even if you are. The cronut has come to Brooklyn, in the form of something called a “Squat,” now available at Fort Greene’s Le Petit Bakery. Some of them even come with bacon, which seems like a missed opportunity to call this thing a “Triple Threat,” if you ask us. Which no one did.

But anyway, what exactly is a squat, other than a pastry named in such a way as to avoid the possibility of lawsuits from the makers of the original cronut? Essentially the same croissant-on-the-inside, donut-on-the-outside hybrid, but in a square, and with a wider variety of flavors, including “chocolate filled with bacon,” and “blueberry-lemon glaze.”

“I make my own croissants, we fry pastries, and I have all the great toppings and fillings so I thought, ‘why not?,'” Le Petit Bakery’s owner Christopher Sanchez told DNAinfo. “We call them ‘squats’ because after eating one you have to hit the gym and work out.”

They also let you take home as many as you want while supplies last—Manhattan cronuts purchases are limited to two per person—which seems legit. In fact, as much as my knee jerk response is to talk wild shit about anything and everything related to the cronut, this all seems pretty legit. Go out and buy some squats, guys. No one should have to wait in a 3 hour line for a snack.

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