Greenpoint Has A Peeping Tom To Look Out For


  • Photo via Urban 75

After a brutal recent sexual assault in the neighborhood, Greenpointers brings us the unfortunate news that a Peeping Tom, possibly the same one who roamed the neighborhood around this time last year, has come back to the neighborhood in a big way.

Per a reader email:

“If you recall last year I sent an email alerting you about a Peeping Tom on Humboldt Street. Well he’s back and has been seen by a few people on the block between Nassau and Norman. He likes to lurk on porches and stoops. He’s also been caught masturbating while looking in people’s windows.The latest incident was Monday (6/24) at 12:20 am. He was scared off by a neighbor who saw him looking in her windows.

If anyone sees a suspicious man looking in windows or lurking on porches or stoops you know they shouldn’t be on (and assuming you are safe from him) rather than confront him or scare him off please call 911 immediately and tell them exactly where he is.”

Terrible, and not something any of us should ever have to spend any time worrying about. But a friendly reminder to keep a sharper eye out than usual, and make sure your curtain situation is a secure one. Like we said, terrible.

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