It’s Too Hot to Wear Clothes; Wear These 5 Pieces of Jewelry Instead

The Petal Pusher Anklet in 24K Gold

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  • The Petal Pusher Anklet in 24K Gold

Here’s the thing about summer fashion—it’s pointless. I mean, are there a surplus of covetable lightweight dresses, crisp linen shirts, and floaty strappy tops to wear? Sure! Many of them are even quite lovely. But guess what? Within a few hours of wearing them in the infamous NYC heat and humidity, the fabrics will go limp, sweat will speckle down your back, and all your summer whites will begin to yellow. And let’s not even talk about what happens if you choose to wear an all-natural, hippie deodorant. Sorry, but Tom’s of Maine Lavender scent does not cover up the fact that your armpits smell like a litter box.

But so what should you do if you want to change things up in your fashion game, but don’t want to invest in clothing that you’re just going to strip off as soon as you get home so that you can lie on your cool floor (fact: heat rises) wearing nothing but your underwear and drinking a cold, cold beer that you rest on your bare stomach in between sips for an extra icy chill? The answer is simple. Jewelry! Accessorizing properly will make you feel like you’ve invested in a whole new wardrobe, only this wardrobe won’t stick to your back in the heat. Instead, the following jewelry pieces from many of our favorite Brooklyn designers will allow you to adorn yourself without compromising your comfort. Really, all you need to wear this summer are these pieces and a smile. Just kidding. I would never advise anyone to smile. I never do it if I can help it, anyway. Just wear the jewelry.


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