10 of the Best Frozen Drinks in Brooklyn


Like eggnog and its brief, highly specific role in your December drinking routine, there’s something about a frozen cocktail (be it slushie or milkshake) that, while it might feel excessive or even blasphemous the rest of the year, renders it the only thing that will do on the right kind of day. In this case, “the right kind of day” being the blistering hot summer afternoons that are finally starting to creep into our calendar.

But, as anyone who’s ever experimented with their own blender can tell you, concocting a perfect frozen cocktail takes more than just throwing some alcohol and ice together and hoping for the best. Like anything else, there’s an art to it, and not every bar gets it right (or is willing to even give it a shot). And since these generally aren’t drinks you want to consume in bulk, it pays to choose your poison carefully. So, while the moment is opportune, let’s take a look at the places in Brooklyn that are doing it best, and plan our lazy summer afternoons accordingly.


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