The Do’s and Don’ts of Working From Home


Lately, in the twilight years of his tenure as mayor, the Daily News has really been giving Bloomberg the business about his wavering stance on telecommuting. Does he think it’s “one of the dumber ideas” he’s ever heard? Something that’s OK to do “when absolutely necessary?” It varies.

Which is actually understandable. Not necessarily for a hugely influential politician and businessman, who should probably have a thought-out position on the issue, but from the perspective of someone who occasionally works from home. It’s a double edged sword! Sure, you can peacefully get work done in the privacy of your own home, avoid wasted commute time, skirt your obligation to make human contact. But you can also end up a delirious, soon-to-be-unemployed mess with crumbs inexorably stuck to the sweaty backs of your legs. It’s a continuum. One that we would like to help you navigate, successfully.