9 Totally Unserious Things That Are Happening Right Now

This is the ultimate in existential despair.

  • c/o garfieldminusgarfield.net
  • This is the ultimate in existential despair.

What a world, you know? A lot of stuff happens in it. Some of it bad, some of it good. And some of it seems just to exist purely as distraction from the existential despair that accompanies paying any attention at all to the terrible stuff that’s going on. So rather than slavishly following the news right now, which seems to be getting as much wrong as right, why not avoid the darker aspects of human existence for a little bit longer, and let your mind go to a place of lightness and laughter. At least for a little bit. The darkness will come back. It always does.


  1. Dumb-wise, Ryan Lochte has nothing on you. Jesus, isn’t there anything real to write about? Oh, sorry, you’d have to be able to write, wouldn’t you?

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