21 Ways to Spend Your Teeny, Tiny Tax Refund


It’s tax day! Did you do your taxes? Of course you did. So did I. And let’s just say, without divulging too much information about myself, that my refund was not overwhelming. I remain underwhelmed. But at least it was something, right? Something is almost always better than nothing. Anyway, in honor of the fact that many of us are probably left with about $10 of spare cash to our name, I thought I’d remind you of all the many, many things you can do with a Hamilton in your pocket. And, after all, Hamilton! He was a New Yorker. And very handsome. And he lost a duel in New Jersey, and then died. Which, the lesson there is, never go to New Jersey if you can help it. Keep that in mind as you throw caution to the wind and blow all ten dollars at once in a blaze of Hamiltonian glory.