10 of the Greatest Iced Coffees in Brooklyn


Oh, man. The sun is shining! It also stays light past like 8pm now! The vernal equinox is officially behind us. And yet, it’s still freezing and kind of terrible out. So what, then, are we to do? How can we usher in sort-of-spring, almost-summer, awkward in-between time without dressing inappropriately and putting our corporeal selves at risk? By diving head-first into iced coffee, that’s how.

But iced coffee is sort of an irritating thing to make at home, and anyway, it’s fun to have a to-go container of ice to rattle around for a few hours after the actual coffee is gone. But what, exactly, makes an iced coffee worth your $2-$3? Well, simple syrup instead of regular grainy sugar, first and foremost. We’re not cretins. But there’s also ice ratio, milk ratio, strength of brew, and method of cup-sweat protection to take into consideration. It’s a lot, basically. And not everyone gets it right! But a lot of places do, and they should be celebrated for it. As such, here’s an arbitrarily (but lovingly) selected collection of the best.


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