5 Steps to Not Being a Shitty Pet Owner

You can adopt Bose, a Shih Tzu/Mix at Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

  • c/o nyanimalrescue.org
  • You can adopt Bose, a Shih Tzu/Mix at Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

So you think you’re ready to own a pet? Or maybe you already do own a pet? But you’re worried about screwing it up? This is totally natural. It is completely normal to fear fucking this up because it’s really easy to do. Having a pet is a commitment akin to—although really, really not the same thing as— having a child. But much in the same way that seeing parents with their charming little offspring can make you want to have a child of your own (just kidding, generally seeing parents with their children makes most people want to get sterilized), seeing someone walking their waddling bulldog can make you want to go straight to the nearest animal shelter and get your own. But before you do that, think very carefully, because you don’t want to fuck this up. So, here’s a little guide on how not to be a shitty pet owner.


  1. Thanks for reiterating the fact that buying from a breeder is ALWAYS a shitty thing to do. For every animal bought rather than adopted, an animal in a shelter dies.

  2. the problem is that breeders are still breeding. so what are you suggesting? ignore those living things because of what some human did? “those living things deserve to be ignored and put to an early death because they came from a breeder.” i mean, i get the point you make, but what about you getting mine? find an answer to this and i will never consider buying a bred dog.

  3. What a waste of time. You could have talked about some real ways in which people can be good, or better, animal caregivers, but “Possess common sense” “Be prepared to call in favors” “Don’t take advantage of the people who help you” are total B.S. generalities that may or may not have anything to do with pet caregiving.

    They also apply to having kids, and life in general, if you’re the kind of person to call in favors (I’m not).

    What about feeding, medical care, socializing, behavioral problems? Rescue groups? Volunteering?

    Thousands of New Yorkers work tirelessly to rescue animals and find them good homes (I’m one of them) It’s insulting to them and the animals that you can’t even write a real article on the subject.

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