The 10 Best Lamb Dishes in Brooklyn


Much to the dismay of local and seasonal fanatics, you can pretty much get anything you want, at any time, nowadays. And while there’s not a whole lot of pleasure to be gleaned from chomping on a juiceless winter strawberry, woody stalk of asparagus or anemic tomato, well, at least they’re available in a pinch.

It’s a similar scene with lamb — obviously, the protein can be dependably found on restaurant menus all year round. But if you really want to feel righteous about eating the fleecy mammal, you should do it now, like right now, during the first throes of spring. And we’re not just talking about relegating your consumption to a roasted leg of lamb on the Easter table. Why not experience the animal from nose to tail at restaurants all throughout the borough? You can play it safe with a sausage-topped pasta at Arthur on Smith in Cobble Hill, and then work your way up to a stew studded with mystery lamb parts at Mtskheta Café in Bath Beach!