The Most Expensive Rental In Brooklyn Has (Maybe) Been Found


So, real estate is expensive, and it’s tough to find a good place. But maybe if you save up and keep a sharp eye out, you can find a bargain. Maybe something like a converted stable, a nice fixer upper? Ahahaha, nope. Sorry. If you’re looking in Cobble Hill, that will run you about $25,000 per month. Also known as an entire year’s worth of pay (or more) for a lot of people. So.

If you do have a tenth of a quarter of a million dollars to spend twelve times a year on a building that once housed horses (and their significant poop output), Brownstoner reports today on a building for rent at 305 Degraw in Cobble Hill, possibly the most expensive such rental in the entire borough. But probably not, because the New York Post also reports today that socialite Serena Bass has gone ahead and purchased a townhouse in Bed-Stuy for $860,000, a definite harbinger of expensive things to come.

Real estate news isn’t all daunting for broke people, though. Brownstoner also reported on a property in Brooklyn Heights renting out for a comparatively reasonable $22,000 per month. A total bargain, right?

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