Five Tips For Sellers To Get The Best Price For Their Home In The Shortest Time

No. 1
Hire A Trusted Broker From A Respected Firm

A good agent will know your neighborhood and have recent sales and closings in your building as well as your area. The agent should also give you a listing report of all similar homes currently on the market. Ask them about their career and their firm. How will the agent and the agent’s firm promote your property? They should also have a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes the internet, video, print and storefront exposure, and be willing to share exclusive listings with all licensed brokers so everyone will see your home.

No. 2
Price It Right

Price is the number one consideration. If your price is right, it will sell. The agent you hire should have a good sense of what price will help sell your home sooner rather than later. The agent should look at the average number of days homes in your area are on market; how your home compares to others in terms of features and condition. You should think of pricing as a strategy. A below-market price that will bring about a bidding war may be the best way to achieve the highest price.

No. 3
Every Seller Wants Their Home To Sell Fast And Bring Top Dollar

Luck does not make this happen. Planning and preparation make the difference between success and failure.
De-personalize: Pack up those personal photos and family heirlooms. Buyers get involved with personal items—you don’t want them to be distracted from the property itself. Rather you want buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls—you want them to think, “I can see myself living here.”

De-clutter: People collect an amazing quantity of stuff. Remove most books and knickknacks from bookcases, clean everything off kitchen counters and put essential daily items away in a convenient closet or cabinet.

Rearrange closets and cabinets: When a buyer sees that you have everything organized and neat, it says you probably took good care of the rest of the property as well. Neatly stack dishes, pots and pans, hang shirts together facing the same direction and line up shoes. Put excess items in storage so that closets show ample room; use under-bed storage to take pressure off closet space.

Remove or replace favorite items: If you want to take your chandelier or other “attached” furnishings with you take them out and replace them with a leave-behind item. Once you tell a
buyer it’s not included, a deal could be soured.

Make minor repairs: Replace cracked tiles and patch holes in walls, fix leaky faucets, doors that don’t close, caulk tubs, showers and sinks, and paint walls neutral colors.

Make the home sparkle: Clean windows (inside and out) chrome and mirrors, clean out the refrigerator and organize contents, wax floors, clean carpeting and hang fresh towels. Flowers and fresh-baked cookies are a nice touch.

No. 4
Create An Adjustable Sales Plan At The Outset

Come up with a sales strategy that is flexible. The first three to four weeks in the life of a listing are critical. Conversely, properties that languish on the market attract few or lower bids. Having a plan in place will help you react quickly to buyers’ reactions or lack of action with regard to your property. A good broker creates a marketing plan for each home and reviews it with the seller.

No. 5
Last And Most Important

Think of your home as a product to be sold. Make the mental and emotional decision to let go. Focus instead on the fact that soon you will be moving on to a new home and opportunity.

Photo by Austin McAllister


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