Moving In New York Is Too Hard And Expensive. 10 Ways To Make Your Apartment More Livable



Unless you have the kind of money where you can just make your stuff disappear from one apartment and materialize in another while you spend a week on vacation, moving in New York is a nightmare. Like when I rented a U-Haul and incurred $500 worth of tickets within 24 hours, and had to walk to the impound place on the West Side Highway, alone, in the rain. What a time!

The point is, in spite of near-constant real estate speculation, people in New York actually move less frequently than our counterparts in other parts of the country, according to new data from the census bureau. This is true for a variety of socio-economic reasons — a high volume of people in public housing, which doesn’t lend itself to mobility, as well as residents who live with large families (also not so mobile) — but mainly, it’s just hard and costs a lot.

Meaning that wherever you are, you’re probably stuck. Sorry. It could be worse, you know. But, it could also be better! In the interest of loving the one you’re with or whatever, we’ve come up with a few coping mechanisms, whether you live in a studio you can’t afford or with roommates you can no longer stand to look in the face.



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