The City Might Finally Fix The G Train


After years of complaining, a few actual protests, and one incongruous study claiming that everything is actually fine, the city has finally heard our cries, and is gearing up for a full review of the poor, maligned G train, DNAinfo reports.

The L and F lines have undergone similar reviews in the past, both resulting in tangible improvements. “G train riders spoke,” said state Sen. Daniel Squadron, who has advocated for improved service on the line. “The MTA deserves great credit for its willingness to continue working together toward the reliable service G train riders deserve.”

For their part, the MTA released a short statement saying, “In response to concerns from our customers, we will conduct a full analysis of the line that we hope to complete by the end of June.”

Hmm, so it seems like they’re really serious about this. Will the days of waiting 40 minutes for a train it turns out isn’t even coming really be a “charming,” “gritty” relic of days past? Will even the most recent of transplants now have memories to lord over whoever moves here next? Turbulent times.

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