Fairway Will Reopen On March 1

With a tweet that included the following hashtags—#NoSleepTillBrooklyn #BrooklynStronger #RedHook #Fairway—Fairway announced that it would be reopening its Sandy-devastated Red Hook branch on March 1. In the face of the sad report that other storm-affected spots like Governor in DUMBO will not be able to reopen, this is definitely good news.

Beyond being good news for those of us who miss having the Fairway experience in Brooklyn, it is also going to be a boon to Red Hook as a whole. Fairway brought in tons of people from all over the borough who added to the commercial traffic for the entire neighborhood. It also provided a comprehensive grocery option in a neighborhood that lacks some basic amenities. When I spoke with Fairway representatives last December, they promised that a grand reopening party would be in store for the spring. So, you know, mark your calendars if parties at grocery stores really excite you. And why wouldn’t they? You’re not a monster, are you?

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