The New Yorker Covers Brooklyn Hipsters

This is what The New Yorker thinks people in Brooklyn look like.

  • The New Yorker
  • This is what The New Yorker thinks people in Brooklyn look like.

Even The New Yorker knows that the all of the best stuff in the literary scene is happening in Brooklyn now. For this week’s anniversary cover, The New Yorker presents “Brooklyn’s Eustace,” which was rendered by “Simon Greiner, a thirty-one-year-old reader from Sydney, Australia, who submitted it through our 2013 Eustace Tilley Contest.” A contest? Cool. We at Brooklyn Magazine/The L Magazine know the values of such contests, because it is how we got our new sex columnist.

Now, you might be thinking, what does “a thirty-one-year-old reader from Sydney, Australia” know about Brooklyn? How can he possibly know not to traffic solely in tired, hipster stereotypes, like beards, tattoos, and black-rimmed glasses? Well, Greiner “moved to the city a year and a half ago following his girlfriend (now wife)” and, based on reading so much about it in places like The New Yorker, decided to move to Park Slope. Lest you think that Greiner himself actually identifies with the Brooklynite he created for the cover, he is quick to assure anyone who asks that, “This is not me. I certainly move in a world where those people exist—they’re all around me—but they’re not my people. I’ve been identified as a Brooklyn hipster, but I’m sure I’m sort of at the edge of that Venn diagram.”

So, he has no identifying aspects of a Brooklyn hipster? Well, actually, he “used to have a studio in Williamsburg” and “has been known to ride his bike around Brooklyn” and even—even—has a beard. But no tattoos. So he fails the “hipster test” that all true Brooklynites must endure.


  1. The most hysterical part of this article is its hysteria. People in Brooklyn /do/ look like this. And if you live off the L train you certainly agree.

  2. Can we not call them “Brooklyn hipster” and just hipsters instead. IM BROOKLYN. These people most certainly are not. I eat, $hit, live BROOKLYN, and will until the day I die. My heart is BROOKLYN made. I’m tired of people thinking that hipsters are a Brooklyn thing. They are just invaders that will leave when there parents cash funds dry up and they find another “cool place” to invade and unleash there awful sense of style on. I’m sick and tired of these people.

  3. I’m consider a Brooklyn hipster and alot of your guys perception of us is very mean. My family did not have money growing up we were like everybody else living in bed-stuy. I’m very smart and graduate top of my class so I don’t have ignorance to show. I’m just feel very artistically connected to nature. I prefer to live nature’s way. Just because I have different beliefs, it does not make me different. I stand up for what’s right but don’t every body do? Nature inspires me because of all the wonders and Brooklyn is a beautiful place why can’t I embrace that? It’s not a mental thing it a spiritual thing.I would rather be called a “Brooklyn” hipster because I am a brooklyn native.


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