SPUN: The Tale of a Successful Brooklyn App


How do two guys who started a literary magazine end up running SPUN, a tech startup bent on revolutionizing digital content discovery? One harrowing, death-defying month at a time, apparently. We asked Electric Literature (and SPUN) founders Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum to take us through their journey from MFA students to digital startup entrepreneurs…

2006-2008: Andy and Scott meet at the Brooklyn College creative writing MFA. Books are going digital, and it makes writers nervous. Philip Roth says no one will read novels in 20 years.

February 2009: Andy and Scott decide to start a literary magazine. The vision: To take all of the things literary people are afraid of (digital distribution and distractions like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook) and use them to promote great fiction while building a business model that can pay writers. They name it Electric Literature.