Kickstarter Advises: Convincing People to Give Your Band Money

There are better ways.

  • There are better ways.

Kickstarter is well known at this point as kind of the go-to tool for anyone looking to get just about any kind of arts-related project funded. We all love it for this reason, no? Taking to the internet with a creative pitch is, after all, a little more efficient than just opening up a guitar case on the sidewalk, or even hosting a one-off fundraising event, no matter how well put together.

That said, people won’t necessarily throw money at you for just anything! For better or worse, we don’t live in that kind of artistic utopia quite yet. As I write this, there are exactly 636 projects in the “music” category alone competing for attention (and money), so, it seems, it’ll still take some work to stand out in the fray. For advice, we went straight to the source — Kickstarter’s Editorial Director, Mike McGregor. Having seen countless bands’ Kickstarters come and go, McGregor imparted a little wisdom on what will — and won’t — get your new album funded. Listen closely.


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