Are Women in Brooklyn Amoral, Sex-Crazed “Zombies?”

Just one of the many awful things that comes up with you image search hipster woman.

  • Just one of the many awful things that comes up with you image search “hipster Woman.”

I don’t really know why I would even do this. Why take the bait and read an opinion article about Girls, on a conservative-leaning website, with a sensational headline, published far too late in the media cycle to plausibly be any kind of actual review. I knew it would be one of the dumbest, most reductive fucking concern pieces I have ever read, and I did it anyway!

Why? Well, maybe because like all young, city-dwelling liberal women, I secretly hate myself and thwart my own happiness (and that of others) at every turn. I suppose it’s possible. But also, when I see someone headline an article “The Zombie Girls of Brooklyn” and start it off with a line about “a world where nothing matters,” it feels kind of personal! I mean, I am a reasonably young woman living in Brooklyn, after all (and it’s sort of my job to spend all day reading things on the internet). If my entire life is devoid of meaning and fulfillment, better to find out sooner rather than later, right?

I did not find that out, thankfully. What I did find was a hysterical, scattershot Girls “think piece” blaming the show’s popularity, quite literally, on an “elaborate hoax” by the liberal media. That, and fresh new criticisms of Lena Dunham as unattractive and well-connected, and a purveyor of “multiple forms of human degradation in every scene” with “the moral sense of a mountain goat.” There is also this:

Girls is sad, not funny. Indeed, it is a reintroduction to our old, tired, overworked friend “Sex and the City,” only dusted off, tossed into Brooklyn, and dipped into a grungy, plastic kiddie pool filled with floating bugs, self-referential “meta” humor, and ennui.


When you think about it, we should all thank Lena Dunham. If you doubt the power of the media to create an alternate universe or push an agenda, witness Girls. With its self-referential feedback loop, casual nihilism, and refusal to take anything of value seriously, the show perfectly packages and delivers the secular, “no rules” worldview that many in the media want to sell.”



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